Homestead, Montana
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Homestead, Montana
Stock #130518832
2009 STEPHENS Crude Oil Tank Trailer
Additional Information
MINIMUM PURCHASE OF 3 (3) 2009 Stephens Crude Oil trailers 10,500 Gallons MC-407 Titan Gauges 3" Vents Have liners 53 ft length 2 compartments Air ride suspension 11R24.5 tires Aluminum/Budd wheels 4" plumbing Titan Gauge Hydraulic 4" Roper pump Centrifuge Most have been sitting for 2 years All would be due for a new yearly update Tires, brakes on all would be 70% or more on most All would be run through shop Lights, tires, brakes, pumps and valves would be checked over as well They could be steamed out Need New Test Dates Original built data sheet says they weight 12,300 lbs. from the factory Centrifuges, pump and hydraulics probably adds another say 1000 to 1500 lbs. Assume total is about 13,300 to 14,000 lbs empty weight NO SINGLE TRAILER PURCHASE-ONLY GROUPS 3 OR MORE
Stock #130518832
VINVIN not Provided
SuspensionAir Ride

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